Speed Queen Commercial Vended Tumble Dryer Range - 13kg - 34kg

Large & Extra Large, Commercial Dryers, available from the Speed Queen range.

Vended Laundry machinery, suitable for high volume, large loading.


Easy programming to suit all load requirements.

Load core drying is achieved through well channeled air flow which enters drum at the back and exits through the front.

Automatic Drying function prevents over drying and saves energy.

Push to start. (Coin Operated)

Digital display, Micro-display controls, Electronic coin slot.


Various temperature settings.
Available in Gas, (natural or LPG)
Electric or Steam (Electric and Steam by special order)
Available in White Enamel or Stainless

Available Sizes and Models

13kg: ST030
15.9kg: ST035
20kg: ST045
23kg: ST050
34kg: ST075

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